Portfolio Cover

Way North Character Design

Character sheet for the ­protagonists of a personal story idea. The setting is a future arctic, where northern oil ­reserves are drying out and lawlessness takes over.

Treasures of Zuma Graphic Novel

This story sequence is based on an original idea. A lying Leopard and a cheating Cheetah face off in ­various competetions, to find out who is the „best at everything“

New Year's Card 2022 GIF-Animation

My new year’s card for 2022. Sent out to clients and friends.

PENNY TV commercial Beat Boards

Coloured beat boards meant to capture plot and mood for this year‘s PENNY TV ads.

Playmobil TV commercial Beat Boards

Development of a Playmobil-TVC. Initially complaining about the mess in his daughter‘s room, a look in the father’s bedroom reveals his own untidiness.

Dino Racer Character Design

Entry to the Character Design Challenge with the theme „Dino Racer“. Finished image and process steps.

Minna and the Dreambuilders Storyboard

Storyboard for a scene from the Danish animation movie “Minna and the Dreambuilders”. Done as an assignment during the Professional Storyboard Course at The Animation Workshop.
Click or use arrows to move through panels.